Broma de Ssatán


Coinciding with the OUTBREAK OF PUNK and the beginnings of LA MOVIDA MADRILEÑA, Broma de Ssatán was formed in the year 1980.
LA MOVIDA MADRILEÑA was a countercultural movement that took place mainly in Madrid during the Spanish transition after Francisco Franco’s death (dictator) in 1975. The movement coincided with economic growth in Spain and the emergence of a new Spanish identity. This hedonistic cultural wave was characterized by freedom of expression, transgression of the taboos imposed in Francoist Spain, use of recreational drugs, the “coming out” of the Madrilenian cheli and the “pasota” dialect and a new spirit of freedom on the streets.
Broma de Ssatán it’s a punk band from Madrid city. The band is also known under the acronym “B-SS”, being its original members Fernando Alonso, Gabi, Pepino and Jordi Vila