Lluís Llach


He is a Catalan songwriter and activist. Llach is a cultural reference as he is considered to be one of the founders of the NOVA CANÇÓ artistic and cultural movement. Nova Cançó focused on voicing an answer to Franco’s Dictatorship that had taken hold of the country and its culture.
Persecuted because of his ideologies, Llach was forced into exile in Paris during the 70s, where he made his debut at the Olympia in 1973. Upon his return to Catalunya he held the biggest European concert of its time at the F.C Barcelona Camp Nou which was attended by 103.000 people. He also became the first non-opera singer to perform at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
Lluís Llach’s music is deeply imprinted in the history of Catalonia thanks to its cultural relevance. Many of his songs are universally known amongst the people of Catalonia, whether they be sung around campfires on a summer’s eve, belted out at political protests or recited as a declaration of one’s love and romantic feelings.
The poetic compositions of the lyrics has lead Lluís Llach’s songs to be constantly covered, may it be by local Catalan artists or into English as seen in the recent musical “Maremar” created by Dagoll Dagom and shortly in the musical movie “Be Happy!” directed by Ventura Pons.