Marlon Williams

Marlon Williams is an award-winning singer, songwriter, actor and guitarist from Lyttelton, New Zealand. He has performed solo, as well as with the current backup group Yarra Benders (Imogen Porter, Troy Davis and Kyle Reid). First he draws attention as frontman of The Unfaithful Ways and then due to his duet with Delaney Davidson. Williams’ music style includes folk, country, bluegrass and blues. At the moment it has become known for its musical and interpretative appearance in the new version of the film “A Star Is Born”, with Lady Gaga and directed by Bradley Cooper. Among others, he plays “Pretty Woman” in a duet with Brandi Carlile.
In 2013, Williams’ collaboration with Delaney Davidson in Sad But True won him the Best Country Music Album award. With the song “Bloodletter” he wins the Silver Scroll for the Best Song of Country Music. At the New Zealand Music Awards (2015), Williams wins the award for Best Male Lead Artist and Breakthrough Artist of the Year, having received a total of 5 nominations. In 2018 director and actor Bradley Cooper attends to one of Marlon Williams’ performances and is fascinated by his presence. Marlon ends up making a couple of cameo appearances and performances in the new version of the feature “A Star Is Born,” starring Cooper and Lady Gaga. Marlon Williams serves as inspiration for the composition of the protagonist of the film, Jackson Maine, who is played by Bradley Cooper.