Our fees

Our fees

Each consulting assignment is unique and has its own considerations, so in order to reflect the different needs of every assignment, Teddysound has a flexible fee structure adaptable to every situation and client.


If your assignment is highly defined, and can be completed in a short period of time, our expertise is available at an hourly rate.
(Please ask for our current rates)


Some clients request our assistance in their offices, in meetings outside their offices locally or abroad, etc, so we do offer a daily rate to help them in those situations without exceeding their budgets.
(Please let us know your needs).


If our assignment requires more extensive research or time than makes sense on an hourly or day basis; if it needs a longer term relationship, then we suggest a project fee be mutually agreed upon. Project fees are based upon an estimate of the time and resources required for completion of the assignment to the client’s satisfaction.
(Let us know the details of your project)


For those clients that would like an ongoing relationship we will calculate a monthly fee based upon an estimate of time per month.

(Please contact for further details).