Teresa Alfonso

Photo credit: ©️ Marina Pavía



(+34) 933 634 389

Teddysound HQ
Av. Diagonal, 449, 4th floor
08036, Barcelona, Spain


TERESA ALFONSO (CEO & editorial consultant)

Teresa Alfonso is the CEO at Teddysound, an independent Music Publishers founded in Barcelona in 1986. Throughout her long career as a publisher, Teresa’s passion to serve her community and openness has led her to form part of several international institutions such as the ICMP, the IMPF and member of Fastrack.
Nowadays, Teresa combines her duties as manager of Teddysound and editorial consultant with the following positions:
– Vice Presidency of the ICMP Pop Bureau
(International Confederation of Music Publishers Associations)
– Founding member of the executive committee of the IMPF
(International Independent Music Publishers Forum)
– Member of the X Industry Steering Committee and its Join Project Lead (CISAC)
– Representative of the independent publishers’ of the IMPF in the Society Publishers Forum. Working group of liaison between societies of authors and publishers, where international standards are developed.
– Member of the Authors’ Mutual Council and its investment committee
Relevant positionts in the recent past:
– President of the AEDEM Spanish Association of Music Publishers
– Vice President of SGAE and member of the board of directors
(in different stages)
– Treasurer of the Mutualidad de Autores y Editores
– SGAE emeritus advisor in international affairs
– Director of the AEDEM training courses for publishers (11 years)